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Jaqui O. | SEU Class of 2018

When I first met Jaqui, she spoke with so much gratitude for her education at St. Edward’s University. We were chatting at Mozart’s coffee on one of the first beautiful days of Spring, and she told me of all the opportunities she’s been able to have since coming to St. Edward’s. Jaqui’s parents are both immigrants and migrant farmworkers. Like for many coming from her family situation, Jaqui thought college wasn’t a possibility until she was accepted into St. Edward’s CAMP program. CAMP provides financial and educational support to a selective group of students from migrant families. So, as we talked, I felt how grateful she is for the past four years, four years that many others in her situation won’t be able to experience.

For Jaqui’s session, she asked her friend Rachel to be her plus one. Surprise, Rachel is also one of my grads whom I would photograph a few days later! When Jaqui mentioned her friend to me, she didn’t say a name, and I didn’t put the pieces together during either consultation when they both mentioned going to South Korea for a study abroad trip. Jaqui and Rachel brough custom jackets they each purchased while in South Korea, so we grabbed some shots of them in those jackets in the newly renovated Holy Cross Hall.

Another part of Jaqui’s session was to add some 90’s grunge influence into the photos. Jaqui has a love for all things 90’s, but especially the music. So, she dressed in high waisted jeans and a black off the shoulder top for the throwback look. She sat and acted like she was listening to the stack of CDs next to her boombox (yes, boombox!!!!).

Lastly, Jaqui was a member of a ballet folklorico group on campus; the traditional dance style is from Mexico and celebrates that heritage. She brought the boots she dances in that has SEU written down the side. Jaqui had a lot of pieces of her St. Ed’s life she wanted to highlight, and I’m so glad we were able to in all the photos!