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Books are Magical | Austin, TX

When I was younger, a lot. However, the older I’ve become and the more responsibilities that rest on my shoulders, it’s gotten harder and harder for me to find time to just sit and read. I collect books, that unfortunately sit unread on my bookshelf.

Creating this book shoot with Jenée uses the books that sit on the shelves in a new way. This shoot is a new part of their lives. I imagined this shoot with columns upon columns of books in the woods. Obviously, I don’t own enough books. However, Jenée and I were able to experience a little bit of book magic during this shoot.

Jenée received her degree in English Literature from University of Texas San Antonio, so this shoot concept was right up her alley! Not going to lie, when we did the glitter shot, we tried for about 30 minutes until we got it down right. That’s the best part of collaborating with people: trying something new without the pressure of having to get it right.

Our biggest takeaways on how to do the glitter photo:

Get a mixture of medium sized glitter and fine

Put A Lot on the book. I’m talking more than you first think you would need

Put the glitter on one page so it’s more concentrated in a single space

Have your person act like he or she is blowing through a smile so he or he is blowing down rather than out

Wear clothes you wouldn’t mind finding glitter on a few months from now - the glitter gets everywhere like a Kesha concert