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Katie, Noah, and Palmer | Family Photography | Frank Rogers Park

There was a break in the consistent week long rainstorm that was hitting Austin. The break only lasted for a few hours, but it was enough for Katie and her boys, Noah and Palmer, to have their family session! I know Katie from Todd’s Pilates and Barre studio where we both work - she as an instructor and me as a Studio Assistant. We decided to have her session at the Roger Hanks Park in Dripping Springs. Roger Hanks is mostly a giant field - perfect for family sessions!

When we all met at the park, Palmer gave me a bracelet made out of beads on a string, and Noah was very concerned his new bug friend was going to be squished by the car. I immediately knew these two boys have beautiful hearts. It was highly overcast, and there was threat of rain coming back, but luckily it held out until the end of their session! Katie and I watched as Noah and Palmer ran around and played. I jumped in on the fun as well and played hide and seek with them. Being little boys, they loved to climb, run around, and jump off of the little pillars and fence. My favorite moment of a session is when we all just have fun - when it becomes less about a “perfect picture” but more about the moment and sharing the family’s story. This story is about the unconditional love a mother has for her sons, and the strength she has in raising them. Katie and I were able to get them to stay in one place long enough to get some sweet photos of the three of them!

Katie booked a special holiday session with me that combines my love for photography and graphic design. I'm now working on creating a special holiday card perfect for them that further tells their story! Keep an eye out of how that turns out.

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