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KatyAnn and Luke | Maternity for Baby Rand

I first met KatyAnn during her baby shower which I was photographing. Her friend and baby shower host, Chelsea Funk, asked me to photograph the special occasion. I worked with Chelsea for her and her husband's one-year anniversary photos previously, so she already knew my style and how I like to be a fly on the wall to capture genuine and real moments between people. KatyAnn's baby shower was held at Jacoby's Mercantile in Austin. TX. I witnessed how KatyAnn's community surrounded her and showed her with love. 

I met KatyAnn again when we met to discuss her maternity session. She and her husband, Luke, met with me at Flat Track Coffee on a Saturday afternoon. That is when I got to have a long and intentional conversation with them. I learned about their incredible love story and how God truly brought these two people together:

KatyAnn and Luke were put on the same team for a mission trip to South Africa. Neither of them met the other before the trip, and at first, they did not get along at all! It wasn't until over the course of the week-long mission trip that they started falling for each other. When they arrived in South Africa, there was a mix up with their transportation, and KatyAnn and Luke ended up on a separate bus from the rest of their mission group! That bus ride forced them to spend time together, talk, and get to know one another. Then, throughout the rest of the mission trip, Luke and KatyAnn spent more and more time with one another. By the time they were flying back to the states, Luke asked KatyAnn if she was going to break up with her boyfriend when she got back. Luckily, KatyAnn felt the same way about Luke and broke up with her then-boyfriend. KatyAnn and Luke then started dating long distance. The two eventually got married and started making plans for their first child, Rand.

For the maternity shoot, KatyAnn and Luke wanted something casual - for it to be less about her being pregnant and more about this is a moment in their love story. We walked around Mueller Lake and Aldrich street. I was worried KatyAnn wouldn't be up for it; she was 34 weeks when she had her session. She was a trooper, though and was completely ok with walking around so much! We decided that it would be fun for them to grab ice cream at Lick for a few shots. I love her that part of the shoot was so true to them! They got to act like the goofballs they are and have a little bit of fun!

Baby Rand was born on June 23, 2018. Congratulations KatyAnn and Luke!