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Lira Wedding | St. Edward's University Ceremony + Texas Old Town Reception | June Wedding

Brittany and Mario met during their freshman year at St. Edward’s University. They met in class and, well, that’s how it all started. The two got married on June 1, 2019 at St. Edward’s University. The ceremony took place at the lovely Our Lady Queen of Peace chapel and the reception was at Texas Old Town’s Tejas Hall.

The morning started early for Brittany and her bridesmaids! I showed up to Brittany’s house where the girls were getting their hair and make up done, eating breakfast and drinking mimosas. I used that time to grab a few detail shots of some of Brittany’s wedding details! One of my favorite details were Brittany’s shoes; instead of wearing a pair of heels, Brittany chose to wear rose pink converses with Mrs. Lira on the back. Once all the girls had their hair and make up done, we grabbed a quick group photo of them in their robes and that’s when time seemed to speed up. I left the girls to quickly get dressed as I ran off to St. Edward’s to meet my second shooter, Colleen, and to prepare for the ceremony; this all happened an hour before the ceremony. When I arrived, the groomsmen were already at the chapel fixing last minute details and some guests had started to arrive. Brittany and Mario chose to not do a first look and Brittany made it clear that she didn’t want anyone seeing her before she walked down the aisle. This took a little bit coordination between me and the bridesmaids as we cleared out the path from the street to inside the hide-away room in the church. Once Brittany was safely tucked away, I grabbed Mario and his groomsmen for a few portraits before the ceremony started. It was definitely a hot Texas day, but the guys were troopers!

The ceremony was a partial mass wedding. This was my first time shooting a mass wedding, so I was definitely in for a surprise at some parts. Things I learned while shooting the mass wedding include: the bride and groom sit down and off to the side, multiple people go up to the altar to recite scripture, and there’s a group prayer at the end. Brittany and Mario both delivered tearful vows and Brittany even spoke part of hers in Spanish which is the only language Mario’s mother knows.

After the ceremony, I took the bride and groom for portraits in front of Main Building before heading off to the reception at Texas Old Town in Kyle, which is about 30 minutes from St. Edward’s. We had about an hour and a half between the ceremony and reception start which isn’t as much when there is an extended travel time, but thank goodness I sent Colleen ahead to start taking detail photos and bridesmaids photos! I couldn’t have handled that tight time frame without her. 

The reception was sprinkled with Mexican traditions that started with a mariachi band that serenaded guests during dinner. Other Mexican traditions included a dollar dance and the snake dance. The dollar dance is when guests can drop cash into a container to dance with either the bride or groom. The money is gathered for their honeymoon. The snake dance is when the women and men take turns to create a line and run around the room together trying to knock off either the bride or groom from chairs. I highly recommend looking up videos about it because it’s entertaining to watch and I’m sure even more interesting to participate in! The guys actually ended up breaking the chair Mario was standing on!