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Maddie S. | SEU Class of 2018

Not going to lie, I definitely play favorites with Hilltoppers. In case this is the first entry of mine that you’re reading, I am a graduate of St. Edward’s University. I owe a lot to my alma mater because without attending that school, I can honestly say my life would be completely different. It’s where I made some amazing friends that kept me sane during four challenging years of schooling; it’s how I was able to find my now Austin-home church, Gateway Central, and thus the community that I ground myself in the post-grad life; it’s where I received an amazing education that not only gave me a degree, but taught me to understand the different point of views in life and to make educated decisions from there.

Since I have a lot of love for the Hilltop, I always offer a special discounted photo package with extra goodies to St. Ed’s grads. This year, I also offered a giveaway. I gave away one free session with all the perks of my package! I posted on Instagram asking people to enter by commenting what they love about St. Edward’s. It took off. Reading everyone’s comments about what they love about St. Ed’s made my heart swell. I did a raffle drawing to choose who would win, and I pulled Maddie’s name from the bucket! Looking back at her entry, she wrote “I love the people I have met and become friends with and schools commitment to bettering the community!” This is very true. St. Ed’s provides amazing opportunities for students to volunteer around Austin and even across the world.

I met with Maddie and discovered why she was so excited to win the session. 1) she hasn’t won anything before! 2) she’s never had formal portraits taken of her before. I was so excited to be photographing her for these reasons as well! She was my first morning shoot of the season. It took us both a little bit to wake up and get going, but Maddie was rocking at 7:30am. We walked around campus enjoying the early morning light. We ended her session at the Jos off South Congress. During our coffee chat, Maddie told me how Jos, a coffee shop on campus, played an integral part of her college years. I completely understand because coffee keeps life happening. Since Jos wasn’t open during our session, we went off campus to the location on South Congress to get her a cup of coffee and some more photos. It was fitting to end her session there. While Maddie had a wonderful education at St. Edward’s, she explained how she will miss Austin, most of all, when she moves back to Galvxeston to attend med school.