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Peyton M. | Bowie High School Class of 2018

One of my goals for my business is to focus on senior photography, but to find my own path and not fall in the same spectrum as other senior photographers. A step towards that direction was hosting a giveaway for a high school senior to have a free session. Peyton won that free session. Peyton is a senior at Bowie High School in Austin, TX. He was a lineman for his football team and was one of the team captains during his senior year. His skills on the football field is leading him to Trinity where he will continue to play college football.

Peyton and I met on South Congress for a Saturday morning shoot. We made our way up and down the street talking about life in Austin and his thoughts on college next year while taking portraits. There was a moment where we almost got into trouble with an employee at the South Congress Hotel. We were outside in the public courtyard area, and it was so early there were no civilians around the courtyard, hotel, or the street. However, a hotel employee came up to us and told us we weren’t allowed to take photos in the courtyard unless we were given permission by someone that works in the hotel. Peyton and I both nodded and walked out of the courtyard. Even though we couldn’t keep shooting in that one spot, we didn’t let that get us down for the rest of his session! Peyton wore a white button down and added on his letterman jacket; I found out that he hardly wears his letterman except for special occasions. Peyton also wore a polo shirt to represent Trinity and the next journey he will go on!

Best of luck at Trinity, Peyton!