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Rachel B. | SEU Class of 2018

When I first met Rachel, it was pitch black outside. We met in a little outside patio area of a coffee shop for us to chat about her session. I could make out what she generally looks like: glasses, dark hair pulled back, caucasian. Both of us were exhausted and had long days: we didn’t get to meet until 9:30! We were able to successfully come up with ideas for her shoot, and that was that.

About a month later we fast forward to my first full weekend of grad shooting. I meet with Jacqui Friday night, and surprise Rachel is with her! At first I didn’t recognize her because it was so dark, but when she re-introduced herself to me, and I heard her voice, it all clicked. Rachel was Jacqui’s plus one, but since Rachel’s session was Sunday morning, she decided to fly solo.

It was a really chilly Sunday morning on the Hilltop. We kept Rachel in her coat as long as possible until it was time for cap and gown photos. The poor dear was shivering, but she definitely pulled it off and made it work! Especially in her gorgeously decorated cap! When I saw her during Jacqui's session, I encouraged her to decorate her cap over the weekend. It's so much fun, makes for great photos, and a piece of your graduation that you'll cherish forever.

After taking photos in front of Main Building, we went to the main entrance sign for a few shots, and lastly, we headed down to the Jo’s on South Congress for coffee - especially since she hadn’t had any yet - and her last few shots! She got the barista to write Class of 2018 on the cup, and we found a space towards the back to take a few showing her love of coffee.

Rachel will graduate with a degree in Neuroscience, which at the time at her graduation is a newer degree path. She is one of the few students who will graduate with this specific major! After taking a gap year, she will go back to graduate school for social work.

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