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Rodseth Family Portrait Session | Brushy Creek

I have mixed feelings on social media. On one hand, it can be a beneficial tool to connect, share ideas, and for the small business, market yourself. On the other hand, it can get out of hand to where you judge your self-worth based on the number of likes your post has. There are those times when you want to throw your phone at a wall because you’ve spent too much time agonizing over your engagement numbers, and then there are those times you are doing a happy dance in your soul because your notifications tell you that something good has happened. The latter happened to me about a month ago.

I’ve heard stories of people getting inquiries through Instagram. I always thought those were unicorn-moments; you know, happens very rarely but are completely magical when it does. Then it happened to me. It was after I attended the Color Inc. family photography workshop, and I was sharing photos from that evening. A message popped up in my inbox from Ali Boice - a girl I had never met before. She wanted to hire me to take her family portraits in August. At first I was a little skeptical, I mean, how often does an Instagram booking happen? I took a peek at her profile and saw that she listed Kentucky as her location. I replied back to Ali’s initial message, and said I wanted to clarify that I live in Austin, TX. Lucky for me, her family were traveling down to Austin for a reunion to celebrate the parents’ 30th marriage anniversary. Yes, I said marriage anniversary. This is because I believe that it’s not about the wedding and the day, but more so the relationship - the marriage. We booked her session, and fast forward to one month later.

I met the Rodseth family at Brushy Creek park in Cedar Park, TX - a suburb north of Austin. Those in attendance were Ali and her husband, Dan, Bren (Ali’s brother) and his wife, Abby, and the parents of the hour: Kent and Barb, but they told me to call them Ken and Barbie! Funny story: none of the family live in Austin. Ali and Dan live in Kentucky, Ken and Barbie live in Idaho, and Bren and Abby live in Tyler, Texas. How did they all end up in Austin for a weekend? Abby is a cop in Tyler, and she only gets so much time off, so the family had to pick a place close enough to Tyler so Abby could get back to work in time. Austin has a lot to offer, so it’s a great choice for a weekend trip! One of my favorite things about this family is the amount of joy and love each of them seem to radiate. Their entire session was filled with laughter and smiles.

I love bringing in the person’s story into the shoot. Ken is a football coach, and the family loves football. I brought a football to their session, so they could get a few passes in. It was so much fun watching them play football and pass the ball to each other!

I loved photographing this family and being a part of their Austin adventure! Take a look at some of the beautiful captures from that evening.

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