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SafeSplash Swim School | Marketing Photos | Austin, TX

When a friend needs help, you do your best to help him or her. My friend Louise worked for a swim school before she moves back to Europe; she and her husband move to Germany next month. One day, I get a message from Louise asking for some photo help for the swim school. She said they needed photos to help market the swim school. I agreed to help them out, and I visited both school locations on two separate Sundays.

I first visited their main building in North Austin. I got to see two different types of classes take place. I saw a regular class where multiple students come in and are taught one on one with an instructor. It was so much fun seeing how the instructors were able to give the student individual attention and teach at different levels! One student was a little younger, so she needed more time to get acquainted with the water. The other student was a few years older than her, so a different instructor worked with him on swimming technique. Classes run about 30 minutes long, and the instructors have the freedom to work with the student on what he or she needs that day. The second 30 minute class I worked through was similar to the first, but with only one boy, and he was a few years older. The instructor was teaching this student proper swimming technique and different strokes. It was impressive to see how this young boy was already learning so much! The last class I sat through was my FAVORITE. It was with the little babies and their parents. A parent would get into the pool with their baby son or daughter, mostly to get them acquainted with the water; these kids were far too young to try to swim! This class was one of the most adorable things that I’ve seen recently. These little babies played different games in the water led by the instructor. At one point, the parents lined up their kids along the side of the pool to help them learn how to lift themselves out. It was like a little baby army scaling the side of the wall because they all climbed up (with a helping parent hand) at once! The little ones got to slide down a water slide into the pool, and they ended the class with giving each other high fives! There was so much joy and happiness in those 30 minutes.

The following Sunday, I went to their location in Pflugerville. The classes are taught out the of 24 Hour Fitness pool. The pool there has wide open windows that looks out to the outdoor pool. When I arrived, there were two children each being taught separately by different instructors. It was the same class setup as the Austin location: small groups for more individualized attention. What took me by surprise was the adult class held after the children’s class. It was great to see adults taking the time to learn how to swim! The instructors were easily able to adapt and change their teaching tactics for adults. I learned to swim as a child, so I can’t imagine what it would be like to not know how to swim as an adult. I think it’s wonderful that SafeSplash offers this service. My time ended that day, and I made the drive back down to Austin.

It was such a joy to be able to help a local business!

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