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S. Nordlund Studio | Custom Logo

I met Stephanie Nordlund when we were both freshmen in highschool. We both joined our high school yearbook staff and stuck with it for all four years. Since graduating high school, we both went on to graduate with creative degrees. Stephanie got her bachelor’s in art education and master’s in Art Education with a museum focus, and I got my bachelor’s in graphic design. Stephanie is now a high school art teacher in Plano, TX and she creates artwork and illustrations in her spare time. Stephanie approached me for a logo for her freelance work under the name S. Nordlund Studio, and I was more than happy to create a logo for a good friend.

I remember that first moment when Stephanie and I were talking about her Etsy shop and selling her work. We were both in Austin at the time and lounging by my apartment complex's pool. It was both of our final years in our programs - her's with the graduate program at University of Texas and mine with St. Edward's University. We were talking about all sorts of things (plans for both of our graduations, what we'll do in the real world, why the pool was green - I lived in a really great *cheap* place at the time). We started to talk about art, and that's when Stephanie told me she was considering opening an Etsy shop to sell her illustrations. Even at that point when she was dabbling with the idea, she talked about creating illustration for children. A lot has happened since that day by the pool: She moved back to our hometown of Plano, TX to start her first year of teaching at the Academy, legalized her business and become a Girl Boss, and, now, her shop is open. Stephanie's new kitten, Ollie, will be arriving in a few days as well! A lot of good things happened in the span of a year for Stephanie, but it wasn't without its struggles from learning how to run a business. Leading up to the launch of S. Nordlund Studio, Stephanie started a daily Instagram challenge illustrating different animals participating in a variety of career aspirations, and she called the collection 100 Days of Animals which are available on her Etsy shop.

I decided to custom brush letter her logo. The emotional appeal we were aiming for was sophisticated with a little bit of whimsy and quirk to go with her fun and cartoon-like illustration style, but staying open to other styles of art and illustration. The dots in her logo represent Stephanie’s three ear piercings, which she views as part of her identity. She wanted her business to feature branding similar to the branding she has on her own body. The grey blue and light blue shade was chosen to create a contrasting moody and serious tone to the fun brushlettering.

Connect with Stephanie of S. Nordlund Studio through her Instagram and Website or hope on over to her Etsy shop!