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Avi's First Birthday

I drove up to the Patel household to find AVI spelled out in giant gold balloons on the home’s front lawn. On March 25, I was tasked to photograph an event that I had yet to photograph: a one year old’s birthday party. I entered the house to find bodies running around with final preparations for Avi Patel’s birthday party. I was previously at Anil and Punja Patel’s home a few weeks ago, but it looked so different with the decorations themed sets up. Avi’s party was sleepover themed and different rooms were decorated to represent as such.

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I was to meet up with Ruby at 8:30am for a professional portrait and bluebonnet portrait session at our Hilltop Home. As I’m driving to the St. Edward’s University campus, I remember when I first met Ruby. We both transferred to St. Edward’s, but at different times. She transferred in a few years after me, but we briefly met during her Orientation. I was one of the Orientation leaders at the time with a few other student leaders. The student leaders and I sat in a classroom with 30 or so new transfers doing our best to answer questions.

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