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Ellis Family | Extended Family Portraits

The hours leading up to the Ellis family session were nerve wracking. The forecast showed that there weren’t supposed to be storms during their session; however, as I drove to Kingsland, it started to rain. As I got closer, I kept praying to God that the rain would pass and I could shoot because I had no idea what we would do if we couldn’t.

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Windhager Family Portraits | Extended Family Session

There were over 30 members of the Windhager family in attendance for the reunion. Honestly, I had no idea how it would go shooting so many people! I always prepare for shoots with getting a list of all the desired photos and groupings that the family wants, scoping out a location (or in this case looking at photos online), and getting an idea of the different ages. However, with so many people I went in knowing that I had to roll with whatever I was walking in to.

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Capturing Joy | Family Photography Workshop

Looking around, there were around 20 photographers for the first family. No one really knew how to start off. I started talking, which then turned into “Erin starts off the shoot with giving directions to the family for posing”. I was so nervous with all the other photographers watching me, but luckily, they all seemed to appreciate how I set up the first pose. Twenty minutes went by, and then we rotated to the next family.

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