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Wander/Gather at Native Hostel

Native Hostel is a bar and hostel located on East 4th in Austin, TX. It’s also where Wander/Gather held a meet up. Wander/Gather rented out the second floor for their private event. The second floor is the hostel quarters with a meeting space and bar. Guests were given tickets for free drinks, had access to small plates for food provided by Native Hostel’s in-house catering, played Cards Against Humanity, and were wowed by a magician.

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Allie + Josh Proposal | She Said Yes

I watched Allie smile and cry and hug John. I don’t know these two on any sort of personal level besides they both come from the East coast and met in college. However, I was so happy for both of them. That moment marked the start of a new journey for them. This year they will get wrapped up in planning their wedding in Vermont; they’ll get stressed about vendors, and guests, and families. Among all that stress, I hope they can look back on these photos and remember this very moment when they decided to spend the rest of their lives with one another.

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Erin + Josh Wedding Day | Kerrville Wedding

Once Erin was ready, I led her outside to her first look with Josh. We held the first look on an open terrace overlooking the valley. I asked her to walk up behind Josh and tap him on his shoulder. She did one even better. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and as he turned around, a huge smile spread across his face. Josh looked at his bride with so much love. 

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Aviation Themed Maternity | Georgetown, Texas

Our couple for the evening were Hannah and Ross. Hannah and Ross met while in theology school where Hannah was working and Ross was in school to become a pastor. Ross is getting ready to plant a new church, but the couple also has a marketing business where they work with small businesses owners to get their businesses out there. Ross and Hannah took piloting classes at Genesis Flight Academy, but neither of them have their pilot license yet. They passed the Ground Test, but now they just have to do the Flight Test. That goal might need to wait for a bit as Hannah and Rose get ready to welcome the new member of their family. They’re decorating Baby Oliver’s nursery aviation themed, so these photos were perfectly set up for him.

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SafeSplash Swim School | Marketing Photos | Austin, TX

The last class I sat through was my FAVORITE. It was with the little babies and their parents. A parent would get into the pool with their baby son or daughter, mostly to get them acquainted with the water; these kids were far too young to try to swim! This class was one of the most adorable things that I’ve seen recently. These little babies played different games in the water led by the instructor.

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