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David | Headshots | East Side Austin

I love going out and shooting with other photographers because it's always so much fun to learn from other creatives and see how they work! We decided to do a headshot trade; in all honesty, David and I have very completely different styles: he likes urban grunge and deconstructed areas; I like nature, foliage, and hipster coffee shops. Not to say one preference is better than the other. It was great to see what he saw! I would have passed the construction site, but he wanted photos near it, makes sense with him pursuing an architecture career. We all have different tastes, but what's important is we share this passion and love to capture beauty in life's precious moments!

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I was to meet up with Ruby at 8:30am for a professional portrait and bluebonnet portrait session at our Hilltop Home. As I’m driving to the St. Edward’s University campus, I remember when I first met Ruby. We both transferred to St. Edward’s, but at different times. She transferred in a few years after me, but we briefly met during her Orientation. I was one of the Orientation leaders at the time with a few other student leaders. The student leaders and I sat in a classroom with 30 or so new transfers doing our best to answer questions.

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