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Wedding Photography Workshop | Garden Grove | Buda, TX

That’s the strange, but beautiful thing about Texas weather: part of the day is storming and dark, but then the other part is bright and sunny. The venue was beautifully decorated for the wedding workshop and styled shoot that I was attending. Never have I ever took a wedding photography workshop nor was the second shooter for a wedding, and, up to this moment, I’ve been the primary for seven weddings. Even if I decide to not specialize in wedding photography, I knew I needed to learn more about the business, how to handle weddings, and photography in general.

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Ibarra + Medrano Wedding

Dinah and Kody met at The Door Christian Fellowship church in Austin, TX. Kody came to Christ in his teenage years, and Dinah came to Christ when she was in college at University of Texas. Dinah started attending The Door because her grandfather was a pillar at the San Antonio campus of The Door. As Dinah started attending church, she opened her heart to Christ. Kody noticed Dinah as she started attending services and became more involved with the church. However, soon after her joining the church, she went on a semester-long study abroad trip. Kody still had feelings for Dinah during her absence, but as soon as Dinah returned from her study abroad, Kody went on a mission trip. During Kody’s absence, Dinah met his family and started to get to know them through the church’s different ministry programs. Dinah found that she enjoyed being around Kody’s family, and when Kody returned home, she finally met him. Dinah wanted to talk to Kody about his mission trip, but Kody was so shy because he liked Dinah so much! Kody was eventually able to work up the courage to ask their pastor for advice, and Kody moved on from there. He and Dinah started spending time together on a friends basis. Eventually they started dating, and they agreed to not touch the other - at all. Kody and Dinah dated for two years until in July 2016, Kody proposed to Dinah at the top of Mt. Bonnell. 

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