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Allie + Josh Proposal | She Said Yes

I watched Allie smile and cry and hug John. I don’t know these two on any sort of personal level besides they both come from the East coast and met in college. However, I was so happy for both of them. That moment marked the start of a new journey for them. This year they will get wrapped up in planning their wedding in Vermont; they’ll get stressed about vendors, and guests, and families. Among all that stress, I hope they can look back on these photos and remember this very moment when they decided to spend the rest of their lives with one another.

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Erin + Josh Wedding Day | Kerrville Wedding

Once Erin was ready, I led her outside to her first look with Josh. We held the first look on an open terrace overlooking the valley. I asked her to walk up behind Josh and tap him on his shoulder. She did one even better. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and as he turned around, a huge smile spread across his face. Josh looked at his bride with so much love. 

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Erin & Josh | Coffee Shop Session | San Marcos, TX

It’s only a few more weeks until their wedding. I’m usually a bundle of nerves mixed with anxiety and excitement during the weeks before leading up to a wedding. As I write this, I’m surprisingly not. Maybe it’s because there hasn’t been much time between this wedding and my last - unlike past years - or maybe it’s because I know this will be a perfect day and that God’s got their wedding and their marriage.

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