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Jaqui O. | SEU Class of 2018

Like for many coming from her family situation, Jaqui thought college wasn’t a possibility until she was accepted into St. Edward’s CAMP program. CAMP provides financial and educational support to a selective group of students from migrant families. So, as we talked, I felt how grateful she is for the past four years, four years that many others in her situation won’t be able to experience.

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Jason G. | SEU Class of 2018

Jason is a communications major whom hopes to have a career in event planning. When you think of your friend group, there’s probably that one person who is FUN. I’m talking about that person who will always bring the energy and the party. That’s Jason, and I say this because he wanted to go all out for his session. When I mean all out, I mean eating cupcakes and popping champagne.

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