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Blog for graphic designer + photographer, Erin Reas. Based in Austin, TX, Erin shares stories from photoshoots, case studies on design projects, and tips and tricks for either profession!

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Capturing Joy | Family Photography Workshop

Looking around, there were around 20 photographers for the first family. No one really knew how to start off. I started talking, which then turned into “Erin starts off the shoot with giving directions to the family for posing”. I was so nervous with all the other photographers watching me, but luckily, they all seemed to appreciate how I set up the first pose. Twenty minutes went by, and then we rotated to the next family.

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Victoria + Steven

In Texas, we have a flower that blooms only for a short period of time in Spring: the bluebonnet. Texans generally love this flower, and they flock to bluebonnet fields for portraits and to take a look at the State Flower. This shoot was supposed to be that. The plan was for me to take bluebonnet portraits of Victoria and Steven, but like many plans, it changed.

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