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Liz S. | SEU Class of 2018

I love Liz’s fun personality! She was definitely up for anything and wanted to make the most out of her session. After doing more of the formal type of photos on campus, we went down SOCO and explored the little golden nuggets up and down the street. Some of my favorite moments was when we went to the new Kendra Scott store and when we got pizza at Homeslice! I’m pretty sure people thought she was a social media influencer.

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Melinda B. | SEU Class of 2018

Melinda graduated from St. Edward’s with her MBA. That’s right, Melinda successfully completed graduate school. She also received her her undergrad at St. Edward’s in Business Administration; this lady definitely knows all about St. Edward’s education! As part of her MBA, Melinda was completing an internship in New Jersey her last semester of her graduate program, but luckily, she flew down once a month for classes (and to grab her graduation portraits!).

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Caitlin G. | SEU Class of 2018

Caitlin’s session took place early in the morning in June. I prefer to hold sessions right around sunrise or sunset when light is a little softer and warmer. The added plus of a sunrise session: it’s before the day gets toasty. We took the usual photos at Main Building, but we also took some at Sorin Hall since that’s where Caitlin spent a lot of her time. We ended her session in the wetland area because Caitlin has a fond memory of going to that area of campus one evening and watching fireflies.

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