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Shehrazad I. | St. Edward's University | Class of 2019

Every Spring I hold a Giveaway for one lucky St. Edward’s University student to win a free graduation session! It’s purely based on a name draw, but I believe everything happens for a reason - including who wins the giveaway. This year, Shehrazad Irani won, and I’m so glad she did. Shehrazad is the first person in her family to graduate from college, so her graduation is really special for her family. She was so excited to be able to show these photos to her grandparents.

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Isabel, Aida, and Andrea | St. Edward's University | Class of 2019

Aida, Andrea, and Isabel met each other their freshman year and stayed best friends all four years of college! Each one of them has a distinct and individual personality, but together they fit into one another and I watched as they each brought out different nuggets of the other’s personality.

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Meili W. | St. Edward's University | Class of 2019

Meili graduated from St. Edward’s University in December of 2018, but she decided to wait until the Spring for her senior portraits. Meili really wanted to take photos among the gorgeous bluebonnets that fill the hills on campus. Graduating with a degree in communications, Meili is wrapping up a remote internship with IDEA Public Schools.

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