Starting April 2016, I began my employment at Kelly's Kids during my last semester of college. I originally interned with the company twice a week for a month until a few weeks before graduation when I was offered a full time position as a graphic designer. I started full time late May. Kelly's Kids is a boutique, family-run children's clothing brand. All of their products are sold online, so I design email newsletters, image for the website, and images for social media to promote the products and company. Kelly's Kids is the parent brand to Eleanor Rose; I created similar assets for Eleanor Rose. Wildflowers is the most recent brand added to the family. For Wildflowers, I drew the logo that represented each season's collection.

The following designs were created for Eleanor Rose, Kelly's Kids, and Wildflowers


Eleanor Rose

Mermaid Lagoon Collection is a collection through Eleanor Rose, and it was released in Spring 2018. The marketing campaign included a series of emails announcing the release as well as images for the website. Click on the image to see a larger view.


Pumpkin Harvest collection was released as an Eleanor Rose collection in Fall 2018. The marketing campaign included the same email and web strategy, but we also created stickers that went into each order. A sticker was designed from elements of the fabric pattern to be put into the orders for the release. Another sticker was produced with our logo and branded rose in limited quantities, and that sticker is a discount for the customer's next purchase.

Kelly's Kids


The following are all part of a marketing campaign for the Flower Power collection. Flower Power was released in Fall 2017. For the launch, I designed a series of email leading up to and for the day of the release. After, I continued to design various marketing emails for this collection. For the release, I also designed the images that went up on the website including the homepage, collection banner, and sizechart. I also worked with our social media director to create a Facebook post for this release. Click on individual images to see a larger version!


Fun and Festive collection was released in late October 2017. While at Kelly's Kids, I learned that seasonal and holiday inspired outfits have to be released and marketed months before the actual season or holiday take place. This is because the target audience are thinking of Christmas when it's October. Much like the Flower Power release, I designed a series of email promotions leading up to and for on the day. I then created images that went up on the website including a new homepage, the collection banner, and sizecharts. I also created a Facebook post and we updated the Facebook cover photo with this collection.