Sarah Luna is an artist in Austin, TX. She has a remarkable story of getting her degree in psychology, but always having a passion for art. So, when Luna decided to end her psychology practice and retire, she turned back to art. Her art currently focuses on abstract photography, but she has other experience in other disciplines.

I first met Luna when I heard through a fellow alumna that she was looking to hire someone to help her with social media, her website, and her brand. We met to see if I would be a good fit for this part time position, and I was. However, I was over qualified and my rigid schedule would have made it difficult for me to honor some of the commitments she required. Our relationship didn't end at that point. Luna contacted me asking if I could help her recreate her logo. She knew what she wanted: a handlettered logo that looked similar to an example she provided in the flow and smoothness of the letters. I added my own spin to it, of course.

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Main Logo


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