s. nordlund studio main logo

Stephanie Nordlund is an art educator and illustrator, and she opened an Etsy shop called S. Nordulund studio. I designed a custom logo for her work the balances sophistication and funk. I decided to brushletter a custom typographic logo depicting this. I used Tombow pens to iterate and practice writing out the letters. We were going back and forth of whether to style her letters to coordinate with her current illustration style or something more versatile. We ended on something more versatile in case her illustrations develops over time or if she wants to branch into other types of art for her Etsy shop.

Stephanie and I go all the way back to high school. Read more of her story on the blog.

Check out S. Nordlund Studio on Instagram, Stephanie's website, or the Etsy shop

Complete Brand Board

s. nordlund studio brand board with main logo, alternative logos, color palette, and mood board

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