From August 2015 - May 2016 I was employed by the St. Edward's University Student Life Office as the Graphic Design Publicity Coordinator. I was the head graphic designer in charge of managing a team of other graphic designers. All of us on the team were students at St. Edward's University majoring in graphic design. The following designs I created for the Student Life Office. The Student Life Office has multiple sub-student-run offices each with a specific mission, purposes, and goals.


The Anchors program is geared towards incoming freshmen. The goal of the program is to educate the new students about St. Edward's University traditions and culture. It is a one-day program that utilizes a couple dozen hired students to act as leaders to the 100 new students. I was in charge of creating visuals for the program. I created team shirts for the hired students and printed materials including posters, pamphlets, and table numbers.


At St. Edward's University, our Homecoming is in the Spring during basketball season because we don't have a football team. I created various posters marketing different parts of the Homecoming week. Assets from the University Marketing Office were passed off to me to use for my designs. I also created icons used in the Guidebook app that students and visitors could use during homecoming week in order to learn about different topics. Various posters included registration for homecoming teams and the homecoming competition, how to use the Guidebook app, and information about Homecoming Weekend.


This was the most politically and emotionally stirring poster I created while in the Student Life office. The Multicultural Leadership Board hosted an event geared towards Hispanic students to discuss how Donald Trump's diction during his speeches after their lives. I used red to contrast against the green of the field, and Bebas as a powerful typeface. The image depicts Hispanic farmworkers - a group of people now-President Trump has openly spoken racists and hateful comments towards.

NOTE: This poster and event was published in November 2015. 


The Student Government Association hosts an event each year called the Big Event. It's an opportunity for students to give back to the community. Students are sent to homes in the nearby neighborhood as well as surrounding parks and other community pillars to do service. I designed multiple print advertisements to promote the event. I also created a Snapchat Geofilter used during the day of the event.


The End of the Year Party is one of the biggest events that the University Programming Board puts on every year. It occurs a month before finals week, and it's one of the last, big events of the semester. I designed the poster for the event which then translated into a tank printed in multiple colors, and a Snapchat Geofilter that was available during the day of the event.


While I worked for the Student Life Office, I developed multiple Snapchat Geofilters, some which are shown previously. These two Snapchat Geofilters were developed as well. The Topper Territory Geofilter was created for the University in general. It was not created for a specific event. It is to promote the St. Edward's culture and life of the SEU student. The second Geofilter was created for Hilltop Send-off, an event for graduating seniors a few days before graduation. Graduating seniors go through a ceremoniously walk across the University, ending at Main Building where a celebration occurs.