The Daily Bustle is a blog started by Rachel Fischer to help young adult women manage their hustles and life on the go. Rachel wanted a modern and clean branding and logo. I thought it would be best to add a little femininity to her branding since her target is young adult women. We collaborated to create a logo design and images for her website. I aimed to create a feeling of professionalism, modernism, but also add in the femininity aspect. The logo iterations I then worked on used the fonts Fengardo Neue Regular and Blingtastic Script. The logo we landed on was one that utilized a partial square. Daily extends outside the box, reminding us to spend moments outside of our own boxes. We then brought a crown as an element for the favicon and social media usage from a different logo iteration. The crown seems fitting since the women this blog is for are all queens. The Daily Bustle also has an Instagram.  

Complete Brand Board