I LOVE when I get the chance to work with other creatives! It makes my soul so happy. That’s why I LOVED working with Vickie Turner of Victoria Rose the Photographer to create a logo that fits with her branding and how she wants to portray herself to her clients.

I met Vickie like how I met a few of the other creatives I’ve worked with: through the Rising Tide Society. If you haven’t heard, the Rising Tide Society is an international organization of creative entrepreneurs dedicated to helping each other learn how to run our individual businesses. The most important part of RTS is maintaining a principle of community over competition - we put our relationships with one another first over competing with each other for jobs.

Vickie is a senior, family, and wedding photographer based in Michigan, but she regularly travels to Wisconsin for sessions. For her new logo, Vickie wanted something timeless and classic to mirror her photography style. I delivered a script based logo and added extending lines to show movement - her moving forward with her photography journey, and her literal movement with traveling between states. The rose is significant to Vickie. Not only because it’s her middle name, but it’s a middle name that’s shared with her mother and her three sisters.

Check out Victoria Rose on her Facebook, Instagram, and website!

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