Wildflowers Clothing is a sister brand to Eleanor Rose and Kelly's Kids. Wildflowers launched in Fall 2017 during my employment at Kelly's Kids. While I am not the main graphic designer for Wildflowers, I am tasked with lettering and drawing the logo for each season's collection. The logo is then sent to the graphic designer for Wildflowers, Lauren Capponi, where she uses it for Wildflowers projects.

Written in the Stars Logo for Wildflowers Fall 2017 collection
Written in the stars logo for wildflowers clothing in real life used for marketing purposes
Best Day Ever Logo for Wildflowers Clothing Spring 2018. Hand Lettered Logo by Erin Reas based in Austin Texas
Best Day ever spring 2018 logo for wildflowers clothing
Pocketful of Wonder logo hand lettered for Wildflowers Clothing Fall 2018 collection. By hand letterer Erin Reas based in Austin, Texas.
pocketful of wonder wildflowers clothing fall 2018 logo. used on planner. logo designed and handlettered by erin reas a graphic designer in austin, tx