Hello, friend! My name is Erin Reas. I'm a graphic designer and photographer in Austin, TX that loves creating with intention, purpose, and telling people's stories. That's what I've found is a commonality between graphic design and photography: intention and communicating. Graphic design allows me to work with people to tell the story of their brand or project through visual graphics. Photography allows me to take a look into someone's like for just a moment, but to tell that moment in a beautiful pictorial way.

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My favorite part of graphic design is being able to create almost anything, and the thought process that I go through with all my projects. Graphic design thinking is trying to find a way to communicate or solve a problem in a creative way. I love lettering, illustration, and creation! Currently, I'm working as an in-house graphic designer with Kelly's Kids, but I'm available to work on freelance projects.

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There's something about that moment when there's light in someone's eyes - the passion, or joy, or happiness - that makes me forget that "I'm on the job". I love getting to meet people, hear their stories, and capture the moment for them through my lens. I am primarily a portrait photographer, but I am available for weddings and events. My purpose is to provide images to you, so when you look back on them, you remember the beautiful memories that are associated with them - whether it's graduation or senior portraits as you prepare for that next chapter, a family lifestyle session playing in the park, or the wedding day.

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